Friday, October 31, 2008

Shopping On A Budget

Have you noticed that EVERYBODY is on a budget, and they are not afraid to say that they are "cutting back" their spending? Not only have I noticed lots of empty parking places at one of my favorite shopping places, Kierland Commons, but I have also noticed that I don't have to wait as long for a table at popular restaurants. Actually, one of the stores that I have seen pretty crowded lately is a local resale store called "My Sisters Closet". It seems that woman in my neighborhood are taking the clothes that they spent decent money on last year and not only selling them for credit at the store or cash, but also spending money on resale clothes too. Yes, I am one of them and I'm not ashamed to admit it. My latest quest is a nice, warm black coat for a winter wedding in Colorado. They have a store for kids called, Small Change too. Just yesterday I got a pair of GEOX shoes for my 3 year old that were normally $59. I paid $14 and they are in perfect condition.
Someday I hope to spend a lot of money again, but in the meantime, I am having fun trying to find the best deals. Do you have any great deal stories to share? Maybe some tips on how to save?

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