Friday, November 7, 2008

My Dog is Hawk Bait!

So I got the cutest little Yorki Poo back in April that we named Bandit. We had large dogs in the past and we knew we did not want another one again. For our busy schedule, they were to much work, and our house was to small to have them stay inside all of the time. Especially durring the hot summer months. Well, unfortunately, our cute little dog is hawk bait, coyote bait and owl bait. Let me tell you how bad is stinks to live in an acre of land, and you can't even let your dog out to play or pee without standing 2 feet away from him. Dean has actually spotted a hawk in a tree getting ready to swoop on down and have a Bandit snack.

So, my new thought is this......Do you think if I put one of those plastic cones around his neck (the ones that you put on pets so they are not able to lick their wounds after surgery)when I let him outside that it would keep the Hawks and Owls from being able to grab him? I know it's a crazy thought, but right now it's just a thought. What do you think?

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Holly said...

I love this photo!