Friday, October 17, 2008

Beg or Barter?

So I was talking to a friend today about Bartering and how we probably all have things or services that we could offer up in exchange for things we want or need. We both agreed that in today's economy we have to be creative and watch the bottom line. So, I thought of what I have to voice. I have a home studio where I do voice-over work and would be willing to barter for maybe airline tickets, spa services, a room at a nice resort, restaurants, etc. It's all about being creative. So, if you need a voice for your next project then let's chat. Listen to my demo at and let's spread the word and help each other out.


M Y said...

Hello, Andi! Sure do miss seeing you doing the traffic on ABC15, but their loss and your gain. Granted I have been tuning to you for traffic snarls, now I just have to switch channels. My only question is ... WHY? But then again, as you mentioned, it was meant to be. So welcome to staying home (like me!), but I do find myself busy every day and wonder where the time goes - with my writing (non-published yet, but someday soon), it really keeps my time going. If you ever need a friend to talk to (yes, it does get crazy after awhile not talking to adults), come join my neighbor/friends and me once a month at our Ladies Luncheon (although several men neighbors have posed interest in attending after discovering how much FUN we have). You would be our HONORARY GUEST!
Thank you for your website! And if you ever want to discuss screenplays, that's me (I write them!). Take care.

andi said...

What a nice e-mail. Thank you so much. Actually, I have been so busy doing freelance hosting work and voice-overs. Sounds like you have balanced things nicely with friends and your passion, writing. That is awesome.
Take care. Andi

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