Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to Ensure Great Customer Service

1. When a customer comes in the door drop what you are doing and acknowledge them.
2. Make sure you also drop the attitude, as well.
3. Do not answer your cell phone at work. (The girl that did my pedicure the other day must have gotten 3-5 phone calls and took every one.) This is so rude to a paying customer.
4. If you own a business and have high school kids working for you....make sure you drop by from time to time and check on them. Can I tell you how many times I have seen their friends sitting on the counter or hanging out at the register.
5. When answering the phone, please be courteous and DO NOT leave me on hold forever. Yes, I will hang up and try another one of your competitors.
6. Please make me feel like my questions are important and not stupid. If you make me feel like I am bothering you or that I am asking dumb questions then I will go someplace else next time.
7. Don't give me a hard time when I try and return something. The customer is always right and if you want me to come back you will make the return an easy one.
8. Please do not put your mean, rude, anti-social employees up at the front of the store to deal with customers. If they don't have good people skills they should be working in a back warehouse somewhere.
9. If you open at 10am, then PLEASE have the doors open at 10am and not 10:02am. That is sooooo annoying. Don't you know I have other things to do then to wait for you to get your act together.
10. I can't think of a number 10. Do you have any to add to the list?

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