Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Best Make-Up In The WORLD!

This is a true testament to how much I LOVE my Zethina make-up, and NO she is NOT paying me to say this. This is the absolute truth. I have found the best make-up in the world.
On Tuesday I had 2 really big auditions in L.A for hosting jobs and left my home at 5am in the morning to drive out there. I packed up my car the night before except for my hair products and make-up. I actually did my hair that morning and was going to put my make-up before the interviews so I felt "perfect." Well, after 3 hours of driving my husband, Dean, calls me in a panic and tells me that I have left all of my make-up and hair product sitting on the counter at home. Not only did I freak out, but he did too. His exact words were "You have to turn around and come home because you can't wear anything besides Zethina's make-up. You have finally perfected your look and it has everything to do with your hair and make-up". I promise you that is what he said. Well, coming home was not an option so I immediately called Zethina (while crying my eyes out)to find out if there was anyone in L.A selling her make-up? She said she had private customers, but not a store front and that I needed to go to Nordstrom's and have someone from the Bobbi Brown counter do my make-up. This was not the answer I wanted to hear, but I had no choice. So, about an hour before my interview I located the Bobbi Brown counter and a beautiful girl named, Denise, saved the day. When I looked in the mirror, I was happy with the results (especially since I did not have many choices) but I was not "Wowed". My face did not look smooth and flawless like I am used to and I thought my eyes looked cakey. Don't get me wrong...I looked good, but there was a huge difference between there make-up and Zethina's. Long story short...I made it to the interview and I looked great. This experience, however, has proven to me how much I love Zethina Cosmetics. Her mineral make-up is like nothing I have ever worn before. If it can make a freckle-face look smooth and beautiful, and provide perfect coverage then it has got to be good. Trust me, with my skin I have tried EVERYTHING. Her blush makes me glow and the eye-shadows blend perfectly, and makes my eyes just pop. Also, my skin has never felt healthier and I never have a break-out. So, wear whatever make-up you want, but if you want to see and feel a difference then check out I promise, you will love it.

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Lisa said...

I will have to take a look thanks for the link. I love my make-up and picked up some nice Max Factor lipsticks at the Boots Sale which will go nice with my collection.