Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TV Reporters version of Time

Remember as a kid when your mom would tell you to go to bed and she would be in in a few minutes and you would wait for an hour for her to finally tuck you in. Well, at least that is what Denise's Mom used to do to her. (Sorry Denise. Your secret is out) Actually, Denise, one of our producers for Sonoran Living, and I got to talking about the concept of time. When you ask a non tv person what time they leave the house for work they probably say "oh, about 7:30", but when you as a tv person what time they leave you will get something more like "oh, 3:32am". This is because we live by the clock. Our news starts at 4:58 am exactly and we have to be on the set at exactly 4:45am. We have 2 minute commercials and everything is to the second. I wake up at 3:09am and leave the house at the exact same time every morning. I pull into the parking garage at the exact same time (give or take 1 minute) every morning. I think you get the picture. TV people live their lives by the second.
Better go, it's 6:50 pm and I have to be in bed no later then 8:13pm.

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Holly said...

This is SO true.