Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Hair Salon

So I must admit, I am not the natural beauty with a solid head of beautiful brown hair.

It comes from a bottle and it's not my choice at all.

I owe all of the gray to my mother and father and can thank them for the few strands that I started getting at about age 16. At almost 40, we can call it 75% gray.

Today's experience was just like the rest....I drove to Cave Creek to visit LaDonna's Hare Daze because she is the best hair dresser on the face of the earth. Oh, and she is the mom that is responsible for all of the gray hair on my head. The conversation was great, as usual, but this time, I was served one of the best sandwiches ever. GT (my step-dad) had made a pumpernickle, pastrami with ham and turkey, swiss cheese and avacado sandwich. It was awesome and now my new favorite.

If you head up that way, make sure you request that one ahead of time!

LaDonna's Hare Daze
6100 Cave Creek Rd.
(480) 595-0320


Anonymous said...

Oh, Andi, even if you were 100% gray -- you'd still be beautiful! Love you!!! -- Rebecca :-))))

Andi Barness said...

You rock my world, Rebecca.