Thursday, August 21, 2008

Andi's "A" List Breakfast Spot

If you guys are looking for the best breakfast in town or anywhere in the USA for that matter, then you have to visit Butterfield's in Scottsdale, Arizona and Illinois.
My favorite is the fresh squeezed orange juice and the Granola Sundae. It's served in a banana split dish with vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit and the tastiest granola ever. Not only is the food to die for, but the customer service is outstanding. It is a family run business and you will see at least 3 of the siblings there at all times. Ted is usually running the front, so make sure you say "hi" and tell him Andi sent ya. Oh, and if you are planning on heading there for Saturday or Sunday breakfast then you better get there before 8am or plan on a pretty long wait. It is worth the wait though.

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