Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Learning how to Blog.

I am learning how to blog and have been told by many that if I want people to visit my site then I need to put certain keywords in my blog. Well, since my whole goal with my web-site is to get work as a TV Host or Voice-Over artist then I guess I should target production companies, producers and television networks, right? Now the trick is how to put the important key words into interesting blogs. I could write something really creative, and sometimes I will, but for today, I think I am just going to beg for work. So here I go......"Listen all you production companies, producers, tv networks, cable stations and directors. I need a job and I am pretty darn good. If you need a product spokesperson, a television host or a voice-over done, then please get a hold of me thru this web-site. You can even watch my demo on-line at demo. I can be funny, serious, witty, charming and I'm also easy to work with so what are you waiting for?" Wow, that was easier then I thought!

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