Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Run In With Janice Dickinson!

So last night we went to the launch party of MY STUDIO Recording studio in Scottsdale. They will be coming to malls near you. It was a packed house and there were all walks off life there. Trendy people that wanted to be seen, singers that wanted to be discovered, people like me that got an invite and wanted to enjoy the free drinks and food with friends and the celebrity model that got paid to be there. The model, Janice Dickinson. She has her own reality show on the Oxygen network called " The Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency" and was known as the first super model of the 1970's. So all of the guys were drooling over here and trying to get a picture of her when I happened to run into her in the ladies room. The first thing I thought of, was that I have to get a picture so I can write about it in my blog. So I gathered up my nerve and as she was looking at herself in the mirror and I politely asked her if I could get a picture with her. Her response was priceless....."In here, it smells like SH_T!" So of course I told her that I meant a picture outside of the bathroom (although I would have gladly smiled with her outside of the smelly bathroom stall just to get the photo). You can see the picture that we ended up taking above. Janice Dickenson at age 53 still has a knock out body, likes to have a good time and made that quite clear at the event.

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