Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are you googling me?

Okay, so being that I am not working RIGHT now, I have a lot of free time on my hands and one of the things I love doing is checking my web-site meter to see who is visiting my web-site, www.andibarness.com. I can tell what city you are in and how you found my site. Lately, it seems that a lot of people are googling me and I'm curious why? Did you read my name somewhere? Are you in need of a tv host or voice-over artist? Are you an ABC15 viewer that is curious why I am not on the air anymore? I would love to know the reason for the google so feel free to answer this blog. Remember, I have a lot of free time on my hands and I can write back.


Anonymous said...

I love watching ABC 15 in the morning. I think you did a great job with the traffic and your segments on Sonoran Living Live were fantastic. I am curious why you were aren't on air anymore.

Andi said...

Thanks for missing me. After 4 1/2 years at ABC they decided to go in a different direction. My guess is budget cuts and I was the one let go. I'm hoping to be back on the air soon. I have no hard feelings, I know it was just business.

Anonymous said...

Your presence is definitely missed on ABC 15. You have a wonderful personaility and would be an asset to any show! I wish you the best of luck.

Andi said...

Thank you, but I guess it had nothing to do with personality and everything to do with $$. Oh well. Onward and upward. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

That's a shame you aren't on the ABC anymore. I watch every morning for traffic reports and catch up on news while I'm getting ready for work - but I don't like their new "way" of doing traffic, so I'm forced to switch to a different channel now. You did a great job - best of luck to you. Know that you are being missed by many - which is probably why you are seeing a lot of google hits! That's why I did it, too. :)

Kevin said...

So this is how I found your website. Bare with me.

I was watching season 4 episode 6 of Scrubs today when there was a reference to Love Connection and then Chuck made an appearance. I had forgotten about Love Connection and the fights that sometimes prevail between the contestants. So, for entertainment I went to YouTube and watched some Love Connection videos. Eventually I saw yours.

I'm from Southern California so I thought I might have heard you on the radio there before doing the traffic on KNX or KFI or something. So I googled you and looked at your website. Turns out you actually are in Arizona now. And my wife and I are in Arizona as well! I hadn't heard you on AM 550 because I mostly listen to AM 620 and 92.3 FM. And we don't have a TV, so channel 15 was out of the question. But I wouldn't have recognized you anyway because of the 80's hairdo you had on the Love Connection.

You should work at KTAR. They rock as well.