Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Gearing Up For The ERA Convention?

What is the ERA Convention you ask? It's a part of the Electron Retailer Association, which basically means it's a convention for anything and everything that has do to with Infomercials. Someone had mentioned that it was a good thing to look into so in typical Andi fashion I am diving in head first and giving it 150%. Holly and I will be heading to Las Vegas to rub elbows with the infomercial big wigs and who knows, maybe I will meet Billy Mays, the Orangeglo , Kaboom and Oxyclean guy. I'm sure I will have some fun pictures to show when I get back. Right now I have to get back to putting my cover letter and demo dvd's together. It's all about the first impression you know. HHHMMMMM, what shall I wear?

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