Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Breaking into the Infomercial Biz!

Well, I am back from the Electronic Retail Association Convention in Las Vegas and met some awesome people. Everyone was so nice and helpful. My goal was to introduce myself to some of the best Production Companies, Ad Agencies and companies that may need a Spokesperson or Host for their new product. I networked like nobody has ever networked before and now let's hope it pays off. I also ran into some "famous" Infomercial celebrities like Beau Riles, Forbes Riley, Anthony Sullivan and Billy Mays. I know you are familiar with Billy Mays, the OxyClean, Kaboom guy. (I'm pictured with him above)

Anyway, it may not always be easy walking up to complete strangers and introducing yourself, but if you want to succeed I guess you have to push thru your fears. Thanks by the way, to everyone that was soooooooo kind and full of great advice. (Ruth Wheeler, Wendi Cooper, Wes Dublin and everyone at Hawthorne Direct) Also, to anyone looking for the best web-designer around....Holly Jonas is the bomb. (Hollywooddesignpro.com)

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