Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Day!

So I'm searching for something interesting to write about, but it was just another busy day. Although I guess it was not my typical day, because I actually made time to visit with friends and not be in such a rush. It's amazing how your day can slow down when you don't have to get so much done before you hit the hay at 8pm. I sort of felt like a normal person as I helped the kids get dressed for school, had a cup of coffee, started to pack for my 3day walk with Shelley, ran some errands, had lunch with Shelley and Jolie (the girls), worked in my office, picked up the kids from school, took them to piano, ran to the market, helped with dinner, read a book with Cole and now I am writing this blog. One week ago I would have been freaking out about having to get all of this done before 8pm and now I can get things done without having to rush. Life is slowing down right before my eyes and it feels great. I'm not stressed and neither are the kids....for once!

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