Sunday, March 29, 2009

Working In New York City!

So I just got back from a shoot at NBC "30 Rock" in New York City. It started out pretty stressful taking a taxi cab from JFK to the Milleneum Resort. Man, I don't know how people can handle those crazy cab drivers. FYI, it cost the same amount of money to take a Town Car from JFK into Manhattan as it does to take a taxi. I learned that the hard way.
Our shoot day went smoothly and I was a happy camper because my make-up and hair boys, Gil and Gary, were awesome. It's always a plus when hair and make-up works their magic and you don't feel like a freak before you go on "the air." I also had the privilege of working with my friend, Craig Burnett. No body makes me laugh harder in between takes.

Another highlight of the day was meeting Chris Hansen from Dateline News. He was shooting in the room next to us and came over to say hello as we were finishing up. Super nice guy.
I also had the pleasure of meeting to fine NYPD Cops, Officer Paul and Officer Don. They saved the day when I got lost looking for my hotel after walking Time Square, and the funny part was that I was only a half block away. They had some great stories, and some great connections....Thanks Officer Paul for the introduction to "Carmine's" famous Italian Restaurant and for the "Free" tickets to see "Phantom of the Opera." Craig and I could not believe the seats. Wow!

Topped off the trip with a day of shopping and laughing with my 3rd cousin, Jody Madaras, and his amazing girlfriend, Natalie. Check out the video of them dancing after a couple of Mojitos!

Can't wait to see where my next work trip takes me......


Lisa Petrarca said...

Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for the little Mojito "soft shoe" video at the end. How funny, people in New York just keep walking by like nothing was going on...made me laugh.

In CA everyone would have stopped to watch. I'd love to go to New York sometime, but too many kids...maybe one day. In the meantime I'll keep following you on your trips and pretend its me, LOL!

andi barness said...

Someday it will be you. It all depends and how badly you want it. Obviously, I want it REALLY bad. Although the grass is sometimes greener....your life on the beach looks pretty grand.