Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Infomercial with Dr. "Rey" 90210

This one will be short and sweet, as I just want to put some photos up of my latest Infomercial shoot with Dr. "Rey" 90210. The product we were talking about is called "Sensual Solutions", and you are going to love it, especially if you are over the age of 35 and are starting to see the fine lines and wrinkles. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I had taking them. The entire cast and crew were fabulous, and Dr. "Rey" and his wife Haley were so down to earth. Man, I love my job!


Lisa Petrarca said...

What an amazing career you have! I answered a casting call to do the Sensual Solutions infomercial for Dr. Rey (1st time doing something like this) and I had an awesome time. The product really worked in only 10 minutes!

At 42 I decided to finally go after things that I've always wanted to do. You're blog is great, thanks for being an inspiration to go after your dreams!

Anonymous said...

What a nice note, Lisa. I hope you continue to follow your dreams, and never let your "our" age stop you. 40 is the new 30 you know. Take care. Andi