Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gopher Sighting

So today was another morning with my new puppy and our new morning routine at 3am. I got up, I got dressed, I took the puppy out to go potty. Sounds like it should be a nice easy routine, right? Wrong! Have I mentioned that where I live there are coyotes, hawks and not a lot of light at night. Our back yard is pretty large and there are a lot of dark spots, especially where the puppy needs to go pee pee. Well, as I cautiously set the puppy in the dark grass to go pee, something moved. The puppy jumped and so did I. Turns out it was a baby gopher that we disturbed and he was a little upset. He ran around in circles and then jumped out of the grass and headed straight for the pool. Not the pool! With puppy in hand I jumped in front of him and tried to scare him back into the grass, but he wanted nothing to do with the grass as he ran right by and did a gopher-nose dive right between the holes in the pool net and into the water.

"Stupid gopher, you are going to drown," I thought. Okay, now what....I can't scoop him out with the pool net because the net is in the way so I did what any freaked out wife would do.....I ran to wake up my husband. As he stumbled out to the pool the gopher continued to swim for dear life in circles. Taking off the net was not an option this early in the morning so with careful teamwork involving a cup and bat, Dean was able to grab the little rodent and toss him onto the deck. With a slight concussion and no movement in his back legs, the gopher pulled himself to the corner of the deck in a daze. Realizing that I could not leave him there near the pool I put him back in the cup and tossed him onto the grass. In no time at all he had come to his senses and dove back into his safe hole.

Did I mention it was only 3:45am? And how was your morning?

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