Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Blog on My Dog

I forgot how much work having a puppy was. You see, I agreed to wait to get a puppy until our youngest son was out of diapers. Well, in typical Andi fashion, I knew I could not wait and we now have both a puppy AND a baby in diapers.

Last night was our first night together and I thought it went well. The as yet no-named Yorkie-Poo slept until I woke him up at 3am for his potty break. Everything was good…I gave him some water, took him outside and then sent him back to bed so I could get ready for work. I checked in on the family at about 10am only to find that he had been crying all morning. “Poor puppy,” I said to my husband. “He must be missing his mommy”. Well, I quickly found out it had nothing to do with his Mommy and everything to do with no one feeding him. Oops! I guess that was a minor detail. Let’s see if tomorrow morning goes a little smoother. What do you think of the name “Chubacca?”

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Jamie217 said...

Gotta love those puppies!

So cute and furry as they greet you at the door and lick your face. We hd a poodle for 19 years, but she passed away-- so sad when we found her body in teh carport one Sunday morning. (boo hoo ): Anywho, keep up the great work. PS-- I loved your segment on Sonoran Living alst week.
xoxoxo Jamie in Phx.